On Sustainability

On Sustainability

I believe in slow processes. I believe that only these can manifest genuine BEAUTY, WARMTH and PLAY. That is why Chiramó jewelry is handmade at ease in my small studio in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Slow processes also mean more attention to detail so that the final product will be not only good-looking, but also long-lasting.

It may seem that paper is fragile. And in a way, it is. It is while working with it, during its metamorphosis, but in the end, the paper piece will have more or less the characteristics of wood since it is reinforced with glue and protected with ecological, water-based varnish. This ensures that you can enjoy your concept paper jewelry for years to come.

100% sustainability is an ideal that can hardly be met. Nevertheless, throughout the design and production process I try to use materials that are friendly to our planet and to limit the use of metal elements. As for the packaging, I would like it to provide a memorable experience for my customers, but at the same time, I always make sure that it is made exclusively from recyclable materials such as paper and cardboard.

 But why? Why should we care about our planet? I ask this because it's easy to do the right thing for the wrong reason. It is easy to do it because we fear that one day our grandchildren will not be able to live on Earth anymore. And then, it's better to do it out of fear than not to do it at all.

As far as I am concerned, being a part of this Creation is the most amazing gift, an undeserved blessing and a great responsibility. All this beauty that surrounds us every day was created especially for us, it perfectly suits our needs for living and entertainment! But Creation was made for all souls who will ever walk this earth, and they too have the same right to enjoy it hundreds and thousands of years from now, as we enjoy it today and as our ancestors did in their turn.

We are the custodians of this heritage and should ensure that life unfolds harmoniously for all the species and elements that compose it. I'd like us do it out of compassionate love, not out of fear!

I started my journey with paper in 2011. Back then, the discussion about sustainability in Romania was very limited and reserved for a small group of people. So it was quite difficult to get women to believe that paper deserve a place in their jewelry boxes.

After ten years, I'm glad to see a change in perspective. Women in our country are now ready to let go of superficial motivations and make more meaningful, compassionate and sustainable choices.

In a lecture on sustainability and environmental impact that I attended recently, I confessed about the struggles I have had all these years trying to make a difference, a change in mentality and now, seeing that this change is starting to take shape in society, I have the feeling that it happened without me. Because I thought I was too small to generate that. And our lecturer, Mr.Jonathan Melhuish,  said something that I didn't expect at first, but which was actually the reason why I didn't give up all these years. He said: “Well, that's how it happens most of the time! It's difficult to see the connection between our daily, mundane actions and what is happening at the social level. But, most of the time it is also about us. To a small extent, it's also about us!"

And this is true! We cannot change people. We can only inspire them! Have you thought how many people you will inspire today just by being yourself?

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