How to keep my Chiramó Jewelry?

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If you already purchased a Chiramó jewelry or if you intend to buy one, that means you're a fabulous woman willing to live in authenticity, ready to welcome beauty, warmth and playfulness into your life. 

And because paper is such a unusual material for a jewelry you might ask yourself how long can it last? Can I trust wearing it in the rain? How should I keep it?

Well, things are much more simple than they seem.

Each paper element is shaped by hand and subjected to various treatments in order to obtain the desired aesthetic result. Then, several layers of non-toxic, water-based varnish are applied to protect and strengthen it. Finally, the pieces are assembled into a unique piece of jewelry.

So, you shouldn't worry about the rain or the occasional contact with water.

In order to keep your paper jewelry in best shape I gather below some recommendations for you:

  • avoid wearing paper jewelry to the beach. extreme sun, salted water and sand can damage the coating on the beads, causing them to look worn and hastening their deterioration
  • avoid keeping them near heat sources: radiators, stove, oven, etc.
  • avoid their contact with cleaning products and other chemicals
  • avoid their contact with cosmetics and body care products: (perfume, cream, foundation, spray, etc.) Put on the jewelry at last. 
  • remove jewelry before bathing/showering
  • remove jewelry before bed
  • keep the jewelry in its original packaging or wrapped separately to avoid snagging and scratching it with other jewelry.

As you can notice, the usual recommendation for keeping jewelry is valid for paper jewelry too. No extra care. Just extra fun!

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