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Chiramó Paper Jewelry

Vintage Green

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Whenever you feel tired, busy, pressured to make a decision, frustrated or sad, a few minutes of looking through the kaleidoscope will transport you into a fascinating dimension, giving you the space and energy you need to return to your tasks refreshed.

Or, it can enrich your perfect day by stimulating creativity and positive emotions.

Perfect gift for all ages.

Size: 21cm x 4,5cm

      Materials: paper, cardboard, mirror, acrylic beads, perspex, felt.

          • crafted individually, by hand
          • recommended age: 4+

      Price is for one piece.

      Benefits of looking through a kaleidoscope:

      • feeds our imagination

      • stimulates creativity and scientific curiosity

      • educates our artistic sensibility

      • provides a state of deep relaxation